Written by PJ Wade

After such a long winter, spring heralds fresh inspiration to feed pent-up real estate desire in buyers and sellers! Are you, as a professional, ready to share this burst of fresh-start inspiration before spring fever hits buyers and sellers full on?

The following FIVE Fresh-Starts will clearly display your service intentions to target prospects and clients, who are driven by spring fever and committed to achieving their real estate goals before summer arrives:

1. Professional Cleaning for Maximum Sparkle

Winter has taken its toll on every aspect of life, so it’s obvious that your car needs a going-over, inside and out, but what about the other environments you take prospects and clients to? What about the other equipment and tools that “drive” your efforts to achieve real estate goals for prospects and clients?

Attack your office, desk, mobile devices, hard drives, and everything that contributes to your professional edge with a thorough, professional clean-up aimed at maximum efficiency when the spring market hits. This should include cleaning windows, screens, and other visible surfaces. Fix or replace anything that is cracked, dented, or worn. Make sure you can count on top performance from every tool and environment you use to prove you’re a top professional.

2. Professional Upgrading for the 100% Best You

Time for an image overhaul? Don’t just blow a bundle on new spring clothes in the same old style. Start by making sure that the image you project sends the desired message to target prospects and clients. This includes upgrading your sales techniques and conversation with a refresher course or two. Sloppy communication is the worst of all sloppy personal habits.

3. Professional Strengthening for Maximum Stamina

Do I have to tell you that real estate is a high-stress industry? Real estate professionals often put client interests ahead of their own well-being. You know that continual, crisis-driven pressure plays havoc with your health and stamina, but what do you do about it? For instance, the rising realization that good internal health is an essential factor in external stamina and well-being provides insight into stress management through nutrition. In our high stress world, reports reveal that “44% of the population experience heartburn and acid reflux on a regular basis.” If you share this internal distraction, instead of searching out fads, act on facts. For example, The pH Balance Health & Diet Guide, packed with practical meal suggestions and recipes, targets common gastrointestinal conditions, and acknowledges that an acid-alkaline balanced diet is “preventive and therapeutic for a wide spectrum of conditions.” In this informative, easily-actionable Guide, explanations of what pH balance means to good health and what happens when internal chemistry is out of whack reveal how easily and quickly food can provide powerful solutions. This knowledge, combined with exercise and physical conditioning, will ensure you are mentally and physically prepared to stay in top form throughout the busy spring market and beyond.

4. Professional Re-energizing of Your Online Presence

Dust off social media profiles and refresh content. Check to ensure that changes made by a social media host do not undermine your hope of being seen and appreciated. For instance, Linkedin shifted its focus, so be sure the description and experience areas are filled out and present relevant keywords to your best advantage. Keep yourself “above the fold” in all promotion and marketing activities.

5. Professional Communication of Your Unique Difference

Take your spring-cleaning overhaul onto the net to ensure all reference to you and your services links back to the website and/or blog that drives your online presence. All your profiles, plus all the articles you’ve contributed, presentations you’ve delivered, and support you’ve extended are scattered over the net. Make sure they lead back to your branding engine—the site or page that sells prospects and clients on what you do and how you do it, and makes it easy for visitors to determine if they are the “who” you are dedicated to doing this for.

Add these FIVE Fresh-Starts to the regular spring reviews, updates, and reconnects that ensure you stay on top of what’s happened and will happen in your target area. This will ensure you’re well prepared to deliver relevance and resourcefulness to your target client base. Your commitment will guarantee you’re the most highly-regarded “go to” resource your target buyers and sellers can find.