Written by Jaymi Naciri

You’ve either been furiously cleaning or you need to be. You’ve either been maniacally planting flowers or you’re way overdue for a trip to Lowe’s. You’ve either been redecorating your home or staring at all the things you haven’t had a chance – but are dying to – change.

Yes, spring is the time we start coming out from the cold–literally—and tidying up, changing up, and lightening up. Our homes reflect that change of season with a bright, sunny outlook. But before we know it, breezy, light sweater days are replaced by sweltering afternoons. The season is short, albeit sweet. So how do you design for today and tomorrow? Better yet, how do you take the flirty romantic lilt of spring and transition it to the sultry stickiness of summer.

1. Use your nose

Introducing a fragrance into your home is one of the best ways to inspire the senses. And it’s easy to do.

“Burning a delicately fragranced candle is easily the most luxurious way to fill your home with scent,” said The Independent. “Adding instant romantic light, warmth and fragrance, it can help set a mood and help you to unwind.”

Check out some of their favorite summer scents, from “fresh and uplifting or more sensuous and moody,” and ranging from Japanese cherry blossoms to French luxury Lily of the Valley, pepper and tangerine, to mandarin and patchouli, here.

2. Pay attention to textures

Sexy textures can be a bit of an oxymoron when it comes to summer. Soft and warm doesn’t mesh well with hot and humid. Instead, think gauzy. Swap out your heavy window coverings for something that will dance in the breeze. Strip the beds of heavy blankets and instead dress them with something like this crisp white lightweight blanket in cotton muslin from BCBlankets.


3. See the light

The right lighting can create – or kill – a mood. With more sunlight coming into your home during the longer days, you may not need such bright lights in your gathering spaces. Now would be a great time to install some dimmers, which have gotten much better looking over the past few years.


And while changing out a regular old light switch for dimmers might seem like a task for the electrician, it’s actually a pretty simple DIY project. “Replacing a standard light switch with a single dimmer is a pretty simple do-it-yourself project,” said Lutron. “In about 15 minutes you’ll have the ability to adjust the light in a room for any activity – and you’ll save energy.” You can check out a how-to video here.

4. Clean up!

Dirt and clutter create chaos, and it’s hard to feel fanciful and free when you’re in a chaotic environment. Ready to turn over a new clutter-free leaf? See some great tips, like sorting mail directly over the trash can, here.


5. Through the looking glass

If you’re in an area that has had some harsh spring weather, or if you simply haven’t gotten out the squeegee for a while, it’s time to get out there and clean those windows. It’s an easy fix that will make a world of difference when you can gaze out your window and get a glimpse of nature instead of grime. Grime never made anyone feel sexy.

6. Take it to the bedroom

If your bedroom is more blah than bodacious, it’s time to address the issues. Mismatched furniture can be made over with a can of paint. Same goes for dirty or dated walls.

For color, almost anything goes, as long as it makes you feel good. But, said Elle Décor, stay away from a few signature hues. “Avoid green or yellow: No one looks good in a green reflection; yellow can make skin appear jaundiced,” they said.


If you’ve got money for one splurge in the bedroom, Elle Décor recommends spending it on the bed. “Even if you’re watching your wallet, the place to spend the money is the bedding,” they said. “Crisp white sheets in thread counts ranging from 450 to 650 create the sexiest tactile experience in terms of bedding. Keep the sheets plain; go no fancier than a top sheet with embroidery. And don’t go overboard with too many pillows.”