Written by Realty Times Staff

According to the Ronseal Trends Experts, this year it’s all about whitewash. This trend is reminiscent of days past and pulls a shabby sophistication into any space, including summer gardens. It’s about creating a country cottage garden with muted tones. These muted tones set the mood for a tranquil space. Who doesn’t need a little tranquility these days?

Kate Sitch at Ronseal says, “We work closely with our trend experts looking at trends from all walks of life to ensure we have the latest color range that not only looks great but harmonizes with the garden.”

Get started by breathing new life into existing structures. This is a design update on a budget!

Whitewashing sheds, planters, fences, and even furniture can be a smart way to add color to a monotone space. Your favorite paint brand probably even offers the perfect shade of whitewash.

How is whitewash different from regular paint? It’s a thinner version of your favorite hue that gives a “washed” look to your favorite surface. Whitewash is a transparent version of your favorite opaque paint.

Brushing on this muted color is a great way to liven up your outdoor space. Sitch notes, “Color in the garden is becoming more and more important, we’ve always seen people bring color into the garden with plants but now for the less green fingered of us it’s easy to add a splash of color with shed paint on sheds, planters and fences.”

Color doesn’t always have to be about bright, rainbow tones. Muted tones are equally as capable of making a statement. According to Ronseal, milk white tones, shades of clotted cream, dovey grey tints or even whitewashed wood create charming and elegant spaces.

These watered-down tones are perfect for creating a beach-inspired look. The oceans constant assault of wind and salt naturally washes away color from exposed woods, aging them into eye-catching whites and greys that are so popular in beachy design. Create this look without having to wait for the ocean to work its magic. Whitewashed wood, featured in such magazines as House Beautiful, is a fantastic way to achieve easy, feminine charm in any room.


Whitewashing techniques are not difficult to learn. Plus, all you need is the wash and a brush! Determined to stay true to whitewashing’s historical vibe? Look up recipes online to mix your own batch!