Written by Jaymi Naciri

You often wake up in the morning on a tiny corner of the bed, while your Goldendoodle Frankie lays caddy corner, legs splayed, taking up all the valuable bed real estate.

You bought your last house specifically because there was a great place in the corner of the kitchen for the food bowls and it already had a doggie door in the living room.

Face it. Your dog rules the roost.

And it’s the way it should be, really. After all, dogs make us happier, calm us down, make us laugh, make us smile, and help us live longer and more fulfilled lives.

It’s all proven. You can look it up.

If you’re getting ready to move, or even considering it, you might be worried about how to make your dog comfortable in your new home.

Or perhaps you’d just like to make your place a little friendlier for your pooch. Either way, these products will help you become the best dog owner ever.

For those who want their dog nearby but aren’t super keen on the idea of using a metal crate as a side table, here’s a chic solution.

pet1For the pet and pet owner that likes to chow down together. Wonder if they make this for 60-pound dogs.

Put that pooch to bed in style (doggie romper sold separately). Need a space for two? Check out their Metropolitan Bunk Dog Bunk Bed. Yes, bunk bed.

When you can’t be there to throw the ball for your buddy, the iFetch fills in for you. A former Kickstarter project, the iFetch has won numerous awards since launching in 2013, and made thousands of dogs happy.

Doghouse not doing it for you? Commission your own doggie old town.

Or, you could build the doghouse of all doghouses, like this one

“This place really has gone to the dogs. Currently being built for two Great Danes in Gloucestershire, England, it will feature sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, a $250,000 sound system, and a 52-inch plasma TV,” said This Old House. “Automatic dispensers ensure the dogs, who each have their own bedroom, will always have chilled, filtered water and dry food available. Dog-vision webcams allow their owner, who has chosen to stay anonymous, to keep tabs on the pups as they frolic in the house or in their own private playground outside. To keep out the riff-ruff, a retina scanner ensures only the two dogs can enter the front door, and an 18-inch spa bath with a saline treatment will help their coats stay shiny. Designed by architect Andy Ramus, this little shack will only cost about $417,000.”

pet6If you’re doing some work on your new house, this idea to incorporate the dogs bowls into your kitchen island is one that will increase convenience and make cleaning up after them a breeze.

As long as you’ve got the power tools out, why not create a cozy spot for your kitty too?