Written by Richard Thompson

Running a successful homeowner association Board Meeting takes thought and preparation. So when should those preparations begin? Meetings should be scheduled a year in advance (repeat, a year in advance). And why? HOA business should be handled in a systematic way. If meetings are planned, say, for the 2nd Tuesday of every January, April, July and October and this is known months in advance, directors will have no excuse for scheduling conflicts.

All members should know those dates too so they can attend or petition the board. Hint of the Day: As part of your budget process, assemble and distribute an Annual Planning Calendar that shows meetings, social and maintenance events. This is how successful businesses work.

As each Board Meeting date approaches, there are a number of things that need to be done. Start this process two weeks in advance. Prepare the agenda and distribute it to the directors along with supporting materials at least one week before the meeting.

Include a note reminding the directors to read and understand it before the meeting. Send a reminder by email three days before the meeting.

At the meeting, provide a Member Open Forum before the meeting starts so guests can speak or ask questions. This is also a good time to make announcements of general interest. Call the meeting to order and stick to the prepared agenda. Use a flip chart or white board and check off items as they are completed. Making progress is exciting!


Two hour meetings are long enough to cover necessary business. After two hours, attention wanes and the rear end screams for relief! Remember, less talk and more action will get things done.

Good meeting prep is reassuring to the directors and the membership. It shows that actual thought is being used in HOA business. When folks are reassured, trust level increases and makes the board’s job infinitely easier. Make meeting prep your first step to success. the sun shine in. It’s a healthy move to help keep the directors accountable to the folks that elected them.