Written by Jaymi Naciri

Let’s try something fun. Google “Better than sex.” You know what you’ll find? Mascara, cake, some random dessert restaurant in Florida, some sort of tutorial we were too scared to click on, and 15 things Huffington Post ran from an original Reddit post. They include:

When I walk through the front door and my dog is SUPER PUMPED to see me.

Using the word literally correctly.

But they’re all wrong. Except maybe for the guacamole. Good guacamole is better than almost anything. Including a lot of the sex most people have had. We’re assuming.

Come to think of it, we do love that feeling when we walk into the house through the garage door and the dog comes running. And we are sticklers for proper grammar…

But we digress. You want to know what’s REALLY better than sex? Finding the right house.

Just imagine. Your pulse is racing. Your brow beading up with sweat. You’ve spotted a hot one and you just have to have it. Good-looking single across the bar? No, gorgeous single-family home in the city.

The thrill of the chase is no different, whether you’re looking for a date or real estate. The difference is, a house may actually hold your interest if it’s got character and personality to match its looks (you may not be able say the same of your last relationship).

The endorphin rush is similar too. Signing on the dotted line when you’ve found that house you’ve been seeking for so long—it’s a release similar to…well, you know.

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We did find this gem on ouchmytoe: “A friend once told me that buying a house was like having sex. There is a lot of planning, too many people are involved, you feel tired afterward and almost always there is none of the appreciation that you expected.”

But as they say about bad sex, if you feel that way when your home purchase is over, maybe you’re doing it wrong.

Here are a few more ways buying the right house is better than sex:

  • Because it’s not over in a few minutes.
  • Because it continues to bring you joy year after year.
  • Because you can do it again and again without anyone calling you names. And without risk of catching something.
  • Because you can make money on it. Legally.
  • Because long-term security is sexy.
  • Because it’s more than a physical attraction—the emotional connection is much more compelling.
  • Because when you get down and dirty in your house, you’re actually improving its value.
  • Because the foreplay can go on as long as you want it to and when you finally get to the, err, climax, it means you’re a homeowner. Which means the fun is only just beginning.