Written by Jaymi Naciri

A boring bedroom could lead to other boring pursuits in the room. Or even poor sleeping patterns. Time for a re-do? Excellent. Let’s consider some options.

Get a new headboard

You don’t need a whole new bed to create a luxurious bedroom space. You don’t need to spend a whole bunch of money either. Buy (or make) an upholstered headboard to elevate the elegance factor.

The soft touch of the padding brings in a sense of comfort and also won’t give you a concussion when you hit your head on it.

Any color or pattern will do, but remember that the bolder and busier you go, the more you may have to shield your eyes when it’s time to relax. Choose straight lines or curvy ones for your headboard, or go for a patterned option.

Just remember that while it’s easy to swap out sheets, accessories, and other items in the room, getting another new headboard in a year when you tire of the geometric pattern you chose may not be practical.

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Freshen up your bedding

Still rocking that floral comforter? The good news is, floral patterns are trending again. But this time, they’re large scale (so your busy blanket might be better suited as a picnic blanket. Or a garbage can liner.

Replace it with something neutral for your comforter or duvet cover. That way you can use pillows and other accessories to express your stylish flair, which will extend the life of your bedding since it’s not tied to a trend.

Get a bench

Bookend your bed with a bench that can serve as a place to put on your shoes in the morning or drape a fancy throw. It’s an easy way to up the style quotient in your bedroom.

Benches come in a variety of styles—mix it up with ornate metal legs, Lucite, upholstery, or even reclaimed wood. In need of more storage? Be sure to look for one that has a hinged or lift-off top so you can hide extra linens or pillows inside.

If your bedroom walls are a showcase for your kids’ class pictures and t-ball games and Halloween costumes, you should know two things:

  • Family photos in the bedroom are bad Feng Shui.
  • They may be killing your sex life.

“Keep only photos of you and your partner in the bedroom,” said Feng Shui expert Salvator Manzi on MSN. “Try pictures of you two on a favorite vacation. Or to spur feelings of warmth, comfort and sensuality, try using nature scenes, flowers or artwork with smooth curves and warm colors.” Also remember that the first thing you see upon entering a room sets the mood, so place these images somewhere attention-grabbing.”

Need some more ideas? Check out Houzz.

Dress up your dresser

Your folded storage seen better days? If it’s not worthy of saving, you can get a unique look by bringing a console, chest, or sideboard instead of a traditional dresser. If your existing dresser has good bones, a can of paint and some sandpaper may be all you need to transform it into something dazzling.

Get a leg up on flooring

Flooring in the bedroom is a personal choice; some love soft carpet underfoot. For others, a continuation of the hardwoods that are used in the rest of the home are desirable. If you want to incorporate one of the hottest trends in flooring today, forgo both and use vinyl.

“‘Luxury vinyl’ isn’t a contradiction in terms—it’s the phrase du jour among those who pay close attention to the materials homebuyers are eager to walk on,” said New Home Source.

Rudi’s Carpet & Furniture
“It’s the fastest-growing portion of the industry in the past two years,” according to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association, a trade group based in Anaheim, Calif., who said this flooring category has developed thanks to extraordinary photo technology that mimics wood (or just about any other material) so closely that you have to look twice to see that it’s vinyl,” they added.