Written by Jaymi Naciri

It was just a normal summer Thursday, but then I came home to a mailbox bonanza that changed a just whatever day into a FREAKING AWESOME NIGHT!

Right there, mingled with a bunch of stuff I didn’t even bother to look at, was 328 pages of YES! The 2016 IKEA catalog.

Commence heavy breathing.

 In this house, we wear out our yearly catalog. Pages that escape dog-earing are rare. Individual items are circled, crossed out, and circled again with notes and arrows and the occasional diagram. It’s not like we can’t go online and see the items or flip through the digital version of the catalog (and we do that, too). But we’ll take a good ‘ole paper version we can hold in our hands, study, pore over, and daydream about anytime.

Our IKEA love is serious business. We’ve already spent some considerable time looking through the brand-new catalog, which is focused this year on the kitchen. We also read what a few other folks had to say about it.

“IKEA’s 2016 offerings will include solutions for not only cooking and serving food but also for growing and storing it,”said My Domaine. “According to IKEA, ‘This year, we’re showcasing how food connects people, and what makes life in and around the kitchen work in harmony.'”

Today also weighed in on what they like from this year’s book. You can check out their list here.

Here are a few of our new favorites:

VITTSJO shelving unit

We were already big fans of this powder-coated steel and tempered glass piece, which is versatile enough to use in the kitchen, bathroom, or stacked three deep down a hall, and only costs $49. Now that it’s being offered in red, we see a few stacked in our car in the future.

HINDO shelving unit

We also like the HINDO Greenhouse Cabinet, the newest addition to the HINDO family. It comes in gray powder-coated galvanized steel and glass, it has adjustable shelves, and its large size—30 ¾ x 64—gives you a ton of surface area. Plus it’s only $99.

ALVSBYN Chandelier

IKEA is known for its fun, affordable overhead lighting, and the ALVSBYN Chandelier does not disappoint. In plastic, steel and rubber, it offers a unique look, along with “tubes with LEDs (that) create exciting lighting effects and look like the path of fireflies flying in the air,” according to IKEA. The built-in LED means this chandelier will never need a bulb.

Priced at $79.99.

SODERSVIK Ceiling Light

We also love the SODERSVIK Ceiling Light, a sculptural LED piece that offers diffused light. $79.99.

SELJE nightstand with MORIK wireless charger

Leave it to IKEA to make form and function so affordable you can’t NOT buy it. This white SELJE nightstand comes with an integrated MORIK wireless charger, and you can even stash the unsightly cord inside. $59.99.

SITTNING Collection

The acacia chopping boards ($4.99 each), the bowls ($19.99 for two), and the serving spoons ($14.99 for five) of thisnew limited-edition collection, available starting in September, make us want to have a dinner party.

SINNERLIG Collection

If you’re tired of the wood-metal look that’s been everywhere in bar seating over the last few years, the $59 Sinnerlig cork-topped stool might be for you. It’s part of the SINNERLIG Collection being released in October, which includes a total of 30 pieces for “working, dining and lounging,” according to IKEA.

The collection includes a cork-top table ($349) and bench ($119), as well as a color-glazed stoneware pitcher that will look just as good styled on a counter as it will filled with iced tea.


Big, neutral with just enough oomph to be interesting, this indoor/outdoor flat woven rug measures 6’7 x 9’10 and comes in gray/black or blue/beige. $99.