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Chances are you’ve recently bought a device that has a rechargeable battery – a cell phone, tablet, or reader. You’ll need a place to plug your new device(s) in to the wall to keep them charged up so that you won’t miss a beat. So, instead of hiring a contractor to come drop half a dozen outlets around your home, consider installing a charging station in the kitchen, on your nightstand, or on your desk!

A charging station saves space, minimizes effort, gets rid of all those unattractive cords and looks good while doing so. Here’s a look at what’s hot on the market today. has rated the top five desktop charging stations, giving the number one spot to the Anker PowerPort 60W Multi-Port USB Charger. Their review says the Anker USB charger costs a little more than other models, but is backed by an extended 18 month warranty and great customer service.

The desktop charger offers 12A of current, says, which is more than other 6 port devices. The device utilizes PowerIQ, Anker’s branding for their essential smart charging, and it delivers the fastest charge for almost all of the newest devices. It’s got built-in surge protection and safety features.

However, the portable charger doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, if you have an LG G4, Nexus 6, HTC M9, Xperia Z3/Z2, or Galaxy Note 4 or 5 you’d be better off with Anker’s 18 Watt wall charger.

According to, you get a foldable plug, a compact size that’s easy to take with you and international compatibility (100-240 V). The wall charger also comes with an 18-month warranty.

Many Apple products also feature USB ports, but if you want to recharge an iPhone, Macbook or other device, you want some real fire wire. The Blueflame charging station allows two iOS Lightning devices to charge at once with maximum charging speed. There are also two additional USB ports. It’s the only device of the three that allows you to keep your devices upright while they’re being charged.

Needless to say, technology is evolving, but the need for tidiness and order will always stay the same, and with a place to start you can make your home of the 21st century sleek and organized