Written by Realty Times Staff

The hobby and toy store market accounts for $17 billion in revenue with more than 18,000 businesses, according to IBIS World. Embrace your latest hobby and leverage it into your home’s signature style. Whether you’re into white water rafting or collecting antiques, your hobby can take front and center in your home. Here are some ideas to get started.

Get creative

Whether you’re into crafting or painting, displaying your creative hobbies can add a personal touch to your home. Use your quilts and hand-crafted textiles to drape on the back of your chairs and couch to welcome guests. Repurpose an old bench or crib and turn it into a porch swing with funky upholstery and detailing to transform your entryway. Paint a wall in your kitchen with chalkboard paint and sketch out a mural or let the kids unleash their own inner artists. DIY and crafty projects could keep you decorating your house for years, so focus on the artistic medium that speaks to you most and infuse it into your home.

Go antiquing

If you love antiquing, turn your home into a curated masterpiece. Consider antique Victorian couches, vintage end tables and ottomans. Look for stunning accent pieces to dress up your room, such as a wrought iron wall mirror, antique gas lamps and dishware. Remember, old vintage furniture can carry unwelcome pests and critters looking for a new home. A professional service like Critter Control can check for bugs and termites, remove animal droppings and get rid of odors, carcasses and any pests still hanging around.

Embrace nature

Display your sea glass and driftwood finds, show off your antique birding binoculars or make a wreath from twigs and re-purposed forest items to create a natural focal point in your living room. Choose sheer curtains or window treatments that let in the natural light along with a centerpiece of fresh wildflowers. To bring the outdoors in, transform your back porch and yard into a relaxing oasis with hanging paper lanterns to illuminate the night. An outdoor kitchen complete with a long table and weatherproof furniture transforms your backyard into an elegant dining area. Pick up a waterproof TV and speakers for entertaining under the stars.

Show your adventurous side

Decorating with adventure in mind can keep your adrenaline pumping and spirits high. Hang up photographs from your days white water rafting alongside the paddle you used on your last trip out West. Collect memorabilia from NASCAR and amateur race car driving events to display in your den or recreation area. Repurpose those vintage suitcases and fill them with adventure travel books and travelogues as a conversation piece. And for something truly unique, pick up a state-themed table from J. Rusten Furniture Studio to remind you of your last hiking trip through the Sierras.

Go high-tech

Your obsession with gadgets and devices can turn your home into a high-tech refuge. Outfit your home with sleek smart appliances that can tell you when you’re out of milk and turn itself off when you’re not using it to save money. Create the exact aesthetic you want with Hue, a smart lightbulb that can match the color of a photograph’s sunrise and just about anything else you can think of. Display photos from your last camping trip or find breathtaking options online to display on your walls with an EO1 Photo Frame. The best part? When you’re tired of looking at your walls you can change up the image for an inspired new look.