Written by Realty Times Staff

It may be difficult to save money when tempted by the endless technology, apps, services and gadgets saturating the marketplace. Fortunately, many choices don’t require a monthly contract and can be purchased outright without any ongoing fees other than the use of your Wi-Fi signal. Here are some impressive contract-free technology choices that are worth the investment and help you save in the long run.

Home Security Cameras

According to an article in U.S. News Money, home security equipment can run up to $1,200 and cost $100 a month for monthly service. But is the cost of home security cameras actually worth it? According to a study by Reuters, there is a direct correlation between home security systems and crime reduction. With the latest technology, you can keep your home safe with contract-free service without breaking the bank. Available in prices for every budget, once you purchase a Lorex home security system you’ll own the system outright and eliminate any costly monthly contracts. Start monitoring your home with a variety of wired and wireless HD security system options to choose from.


According to Time Inc, you’ll end up paying $2,200 each time you buy a premium smartphone with a two-year contract. Fortunately, options are available that don’t require spending thousands just to snag a premium iPhone. Cricket offers the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus at $650 and $750, respectively, with prepaid, no-contract plans at $40. There’s even a $35 discount if you sign up for auto-payments. According to TechTimes, more cellular companies are leaning toward the prepaid, no-contract trend.

Portable Wi-Fi

People on the go who need reliable Wi-Fi can use a portable system with nationwide coverage. The pocket-sized Karma offers no-contract and pay-as-you-go plans at $14/GB. Your data never expires and is ready to go when you are. Top it off when your data is getting low, or let it run out and buy more before your next business trip.

There’s no power button or wires to cart around. Instead, Karma turns a cellular connection into a personal Wi-Fi signal and gets your laptop, tablet, smartphone and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices online and ready to go.

TV Service

Expensive cable packages with hundreds of channels you don’t watch is quickly becoming a thing of the past with devices like Apple TV. Pay a one-time cost of $99 and hook it up to your TV. Launch the Apple TV apps and get free shows from certain networks, your Amazon Prime account, favorite YouTube channel or Netflix. You can also ask Siri to hunt down a show for you with the included remote.

Smart Thermostat

Smart homes are the wave of the future with gadgets automating everything from laundry to ambient lighting. The Nest thermostat can be self-installed in 30 minutes or less and learns the patterns of your heating and cooling needs. Once it collects information on how you like the temperature and when you’re home, the Nest can self-adjust without intervention. Use more than one Nest to control the temperature in different rooms and floors of your house and potentially save a bundle on your utility bills. There’s no monthly contract required, just the use of your existing Wi-Fi signal.