Written by Jaymi Naciri

 “The solution to your need for more space may already be attached to your house,” said Bob Vila. “Converting an existing garage is less expensive than building an addition—and it’s a lot less complicated too! Remaking your garage into an extra bedroom, den, or kids’ playroom can improve not only the resale value of your home but also your quality of life. In comparison to building an addition, a garage conversion is much more affordable and entails fewer bureaucratic hurdles.”

Ready to start? Here are a few room suggestions:

Living room

A garage can provide comfortable space for family living, and you already have a head start over starting from scratch since the structure is built. You can expect to have to level the concrete slab as a starting point—”Often in garages, the floors slope slightly,” said Freshome, and add heat, air-conditioning and plumbing. The door is another consideration. “The overhead garage door was replaced with these oversized, insulated accordion-like folding doors for the a clean, modern look,” they said.

Or, leave the garage door intact for a fun, industrial touch to your new space that also gives you that indoor-outdoor access we’re all looking for.

Rehearsal Space

The idea of playing in the garage isn’t new, but did your high school rock band practice in a space like this?

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Teen room

Teenage stuff overtaking your home? A dedicated room for them to hang out in can let you reclaim your space.

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Man cave

A man cave is an obvious choice for a garage conversion. Not only does it allow for a private space for man things (cars, motorcycles, enormous TVs) and man activities (watching multiple games, playing poker, smoking cigars), but it also provides a space for any leftover bachelor furniture to be displayed.

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Home theatre

If there’s not a dedicated space in your home for a theater room, converting the garage can be a great option. And, it can be a DIY effort depending on your skill level. Check out this video for ideas.

Jeffrey Wiscomb
Art Studio

“Having plenty of light was a primary importance when converting this garage to an art studio,” said Houselogic. “The owners added several skylights and included banks of fluorescent light fixtures under the ceiling soffits. Painting walls and ceilings a crisp white helps keep the interiors bright and creative.”


You might not be able to convert a bedroom to a home gym, but the garage may be the perfect spot for a heavy bag, a yoga mat, and a couple of machines.

Bunk Room

Another favorite idea for creating more livable space in the home doesn’t involve the garage itself—but the space over it. This is the perfect place to create a bunkroom for visiting family.

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Out of room and looking for a way to create more usable space at home? You might not need to move or add on. Look to the garage, where the ideas for what you can create with a space you already have are endless.