Written by James Bovell

If you’re looking for a level of luxury and infrastructure that is unmatched by any Caribbean nation, then it’s time that you look into the Cayman Islands.

Foreign Investing

It should be duly noted that there are no restrictions when it comes to foreign investors wanting a “piece of the pie”, so to speak. Unlike other Caribbean islands, there are no time frames in regards to developing the land. Also, it’s possible for individuals that have no need for employment, due to garnering enough wealth, to seek residency on the islands as well — renewable for 25 years.

There Are No Real Estate Taxes

Additionally, you’ll find solace knowing that when you’re purchasing real estate in the Cayman Islands, it’s tax free. This is one major reason why investors are seeking out Cayman homes. Additionally, the Cayman Islands boast an extremely high income per capita, when compared to the rest of the Caribbean nations.

Tips for Success

An important index for a successful investment venture is how many paying guests are renting out your property. Also, figure out how many weeks out of the year your guests are staying in there as well. Obviously, the higher the number, the more you’ll eventually rake in. A combination of reasonable rates, in comparison to the current market, along with location and amenities are what will attract visitors to your rental property. Maintain a high standard of quality, and be involved with your guests.

With a tax-benefiting motivation and a superb market to be involved in, the time to begin your Cayman property investment venture is now.