Written by Jaymi Naciri

Choosing the right colors for your home can be challenging. If you’re a person who frets over selecting just the right shade of paint for the walls and brings home paint chip after paint chip, staring at them night after night and still not making a decision (guilty!), thinking about an entire color scheme that can fill out a home, or even just one room, can be anxiety-producing.

Check out these fresh color schemes, which can help you make some important design decisions.

From classic looks to all-new, exciting color pairings, there’s bound to be something that inspires you to get going!

1. Blue and sand

Using these two colors together can help create a sophisticated coastal theme, whether or not you have an ocean right outside.

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And you can also introduce some unexpected flair with a shot of orange and bold accessories.

Mural Mate
2. Black and white

Black and white is one of the most classic combinations there is. “The classic color combination makes any room – from bathrooms to bedrooms – sophisticated, chic, and timeless,” said House Beautiful. And it’s certainly not boring, whether you’re talking about the living room…

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Or the kitchen…


Chambers St

Or a decked-out hallway that transforms from a walk-through to a wow space.

House Beautiful
3. Blue and white

The great thing about decorating with blue is how versatile the color is. It can be flirty, moody, traditional, contemporary, or cottagey, and change based on the shade and where it’s used in a room. Paint only the ceiling in an otherwise white room and transport yourself to the Greek isles every night.

Completely Coastal
Pair it with white and layer in texture and pattern, and you create a glamorous space.

Joey Vogel
4. Bright red and bright yellow

If the idea of red and yellow makes you think only of Ronald McDonald. Get a load of this chic kitchen. “The dining chairs and kitchen stools and typical bamboo Chippendale style, but in high-gloss lacquer they’re surprising,” said designer Jesse Carrier on House Beautiful. “It’s like they’re candy-coated.” Keeping the walls and quartz countertops white keeps the room streamlined and lets the color pop.

House Beautiful
5. Red and turquoise

“Red and turquoise. This is a case of opposites attracting,” said Houzz. “The warm vibe of red is cooled by turquoise, a favorite water color. Consider this palette for a guest bedroom.”

It’s a bold combo, but, against black and white, it looks both fresh and classic. Interesting shapes and luxe fabrics help pull this guest room together.

Décor pad
Bring in a classic toile and a few unique accessories and you have a winning space.


Chapman House

6. Emerald green and white

Emerald green is a color that has been trending in interior design ever since it was the Pantone Color of the Year, and while the saturated color can scare some people off, when done right, it brings in a chic punch that plays nicely with a number of other hues.

Coco and Cashmere
The splash of bright green on these dining room chairs takes the design up a notch. This is an easy DIY job if you happen to find a great set of chairs at a thrift store or flea market.

Isabel Perdomo
Looking to make a bolder statement? Forget the dining room chairs and go full kitchen cabinet. The black marble countertop and metal lighting and fixtures bring in more drama, and the shock of white along the backsplash is the perfect counterpoint.

décor pad
7. White and metallic

Meal pairs nicely with many colors, but there’s just something about white. The contrast creates energy but the compatibility provides synergy.

8. Greige and beige

Who says you need a pop of color? Sometimes neutral on neutral is the perfect way to go—especially with a view like this! Keeping the color palette subdued keeps the attention where it should be – on that skyline.


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