Written by Jaymi Naciri

Forget about duckies and bunnies and trucks and baseballs. Baby’s rooms today don’t have to be typical in theme or in color. In fact, they’re increasingly every bit as chic as their adult counterparts – and even more so, judging by some of the rooms we’re seeing today.

“Just because you’re decorating for a little one doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style points,” said BRIT + CO. “In fact, the nursery is a great place to get super creative with a relatively small space. The possibilities for a well-designed nursery are surprisingly endless.”

If you’re getting ready to bring home baby, you’ll want to see these ideas for creating a standout nursery.

Mixing patterns is a favorite way to create interest in other areas of the home, so why not in your nursery? The fun, graphic pattern on the walls will inspire creativity for years to come.

Have an awkward space you’re turning into your nursery? This room shows how an angled wall can help create a cozy, nook feel while still remaining fashion-forward.

Best Baby Decoration
This wall treatment provides an interesting textural element that serves as a unique backdrop to a room filled with bold color choices.

Project Nursery
A baby’s room is the perfect pace to experiment with fun color combinations that go beyond pink and blue. The gray and yellow here bring a modern touch, especially when combined with the clean lines of the furniture, while the stripes are fun and fresh without being too “babyish.”

Or, take your love of color up a notch with a deep hue on the walls that sets off a natural mural and a unique palette for the rest of the space.

Parent Society
Love the idea of bringing lots of color into your nursery but want to think beyond the walls and upholstery. We love this cantaloupe-hued crib.

In this sweet room, the ceiling is the star, giving baby bold stripes to gaze at as he’s drifting off to sleep.

Cute Baby Pictures
Not all chic baby rooms have to be modern, and they don’t have to feature a collection of brand-new items either. If your style is more geared toward antiques or French country, an old sideboard treated with your favorite paint color makes a dynamite changing table, and can transition to a storage piece once diaper days are done.$file/nursery.jpg>
Sometimes, you just have to go all princess on your baby room. With ornate moldings, bold fabric choices, and fun accessories, this is a room any little girl would love.