Inside The Cult of Home Goods: Best Tips For Shopping This Fave Store


Inside The Cult of Home Goods: Best Tips For Shopping This Fave Store

If there’s one place designers, wanna-be designers, and those who just want a great deal on something cool, chic, or practical (Hey, why not all three?!) agree on, it’s Home Goods. Not to mention celebrities. People Magazine just ran an article on celebs who love the store, led by comedy maven Melissa McCarthy, who was photographed pushing a HomeGoods cart. We knew we loved her.

The home furnishing store isn’t just a place you wander in to, it’s a destination for millions who swear by it for inexpensive and unique furniture pieces, accessories, and other décor items for every part of the house.

“Few stores inspire devotion in their customers like HomeGoods,” said Popsugar. “Treasures abound in HomeGoods locations across the country, and for that reason shoppers are seriously dedicated to the brand.”

But, it can be overwhelming to navigate the store, especially if you are easily distracted by pretty things (there are so many pretty things!). So how do you make it out of there alive and with smart buys in your bags? We’ve got tips.

Go at the right time

Planning to get up on Saturday morning, go to breakfast and then head to HomeGoods? Right. You and everyone else in the city. If a little thing like work is keeping you out of the store on weekdays, when it’s easier to see the stuff without having to peer around people and there’s less of a chance of fighting over a coffee table, head over on your lunch break. Or during the dinner hour. If you have to go on a weekend, remember the first rule of weekend Costco shopping: Elbows up.

Don’t skip the pillows

You may think you don’t need another pillow, but you would be wrong. HomeGoods’ pillows are legendary, and when you can get a down-filled pair for $25, you just have to pick one up. Did we say one? We meant five. If you can’t find something here to match – or spice up – your décor, you’re not looking hard enough.
If you love it, buy it

There is probably no better tip for shopping at HomeGoods than this. That blue, glass-front cabinet that stopped you in your tracks? You better buy it now, or kiss it goodbye forever, because it won’t be there when you come back tomorrow. HomeGoods has what it has and they typically don’t get in more of the same item. Need two of those leather-topped chrome barstools? Don’t leave and drive to another store. Drag one to the front and ask a salesperson to help you find a match, because when you get back, it’ll be gone.

Check out the rugs

You may not think of HomeGoods as a rug emporium, and, truth be told, there’s not a ton of inventory here. But there are some amazing deals, especially on larger rugs that can take a big chunk out of your paycheck if purchased elsewhere. This huge 9×12 wall rug is just $399 and is on trend with the color scheme and pattern.
Plan to fall in love…a lot

We walked in and grabbed a small cart. Silly mistake. Halfway through the trip through the store, we had to go swap it out for a larger cart. Shoulda known better.

Bring your sense of humor

Nothing says, “The British are coming” like a giant couch draped in modified Union Flag motif. Not everything HomeGoods will appeal to everyone, which is part of what makes it cool. And, we can promise you that if we’d returned to the store the next day, this couch would have been gone. You know someone walked in and died over this. To each, their own.

Don’t get caught in a theme spiral

If you watched the popular HBO miniseries Big Little Lies, you may have spotted beachy accessories sprinkled throughout “the classic-meets-coastal home of Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon). Set decorator Amy Wells told People that, “A lot, if not all, the beach décor is HomeGoods.”

But keep this in mind when working with a theme: A sprinkle is good. But watch out for the downpour. HomeGoods is great at styling their vignettes and making you want to bag up the whole thing. But, take home two of everything, and it may look like the beach threw up on your living room.

Think unique

There’s something about this wood-and-copper chair that made us stop and stare. And stare a little more. There were several of them, and, at $99 each, they’d be great in a breakfast nook. But even one placed in a corner could be a showstopper, between the distinctive shape and the mix of materials.

Don’t forget to check the clearance art section

HomeGoods has some great, affordable art pieces, especially if you’re looking for something that is really on trend. But we love the clearance section. There are some great deals here, although you have to look carefully to make sure there aren’t visible boo-boos. We couldn’t find anything wrong with this abstract painting. Amazing savings is right: It was only $18.

Hit the end caps!

That’s where a lot of the other clearance deals are, like this $12.99 glass candle holder. Did we need another candle holder? Uh, no. But we couldn’t resist the shape and mix of materials, not to mention the price.

Expect the unexpected

A splash of color. A unique touch that might bring a bit of interest to a forgotten area. Or a piece that catches your eye for no real reason other than it’s fun, cool, or different. It happens a lot at HomeGoods. For us, it was this:

Truth be told, this big, blue, ceramic OK sign it makes no sense whatsoever in the space. But we fell in love with it anyway, and now it lives on the office bookcase right next to the desk. We’ve named him “Bob.”