The New IKEA Catalogue Is Here


The New IKEA Catalogue Is HereIKEA

Back to school isn’t the most exciting thing happening in August. It pales in comparison to another, much more important event: the release of the new IKEA catalogue. Praise, Sweden, it’s here. And that means it’s time for us scour the book for all the things we’ll need to go buy in the coming weeks.

Here is our Top eight:

1. The utilitarian Pinnig has a coat rack up top and shoe storage down below, and will fit right in with industrial décor. Throw a cushion over that bench and you also have a comfy place to sit with this $89 piece.

2. We love the simple shape of the $75 ODGER chair, and the fact that it “assembles without tools and works for dining room, workspace, and more,” said Curbed, makes it even better. If you’re not a fan of the light brown, it will also come in creamy white and dark blue.

3. IKEA is down with the brass trend that’s going on in interior design, and we’re all about their new TILLAGD Flatware. Priced at $59.99 for a 20-piece set, it also comes in black. Apartment Therapy calls the sets an “on-trend bargain yet timeless enough to purchase for the long haul. Get ready for your glammiest dinner or holiday parties ever with flatware in simple shapes done up in luxe, of-the-moment finishes.”
4. In a kid’s room, a laundry room, a craft space, a dorm room, a kitchen – there isn’t a space we can’t picture using the MYRHEDEN Frame. At $14.99, it’s so affordable you can buy one for every room. With a clip in every part of the grid and hooks at the bottom, just imagine what you’ll be able to show off.

5. New hardware is among the easiest and most impactful changes you can make to a piece of furniture, and these OSTERNAS Leather Handles and Pulls ($12.99 for two handles, $9.99 for two pulls) will certainly make an impression.

6. The LAMPAN Table Lamp is IKEA at its best – stylish, perfect for small spaces, and just about the price of your morning latte. A chic lamp for under $6? We’ll take 10.

7. Personally, we’re fans of anything that has a tray on top. This little $39 YPPERLIG Coffee Table is DEFINITELY going to keep the dog from knocking over the ever-present Diet Coke (again).
8. If you’re OVER your quilted headboard, might we suggest the GJÖRA Bed Frame. The natural wood color is right on trend, and, at $279, it’s an inexpensive way to update your lair.