10 Things You Need To Run And Buy From Target’s New Project 62 Collection


10 Things You Need To Run And Buy From Target's New Project 62 CollectionTarget.com

Because Target doesn’t already take far too much of our money, the retailer has now come out with a new furniture and décor line called Project 62 featuring pieces that are making us twitchy. Frankly, we want five of everything, but, somehow, we’ve managed to craft a top 10.

The collection, which was named after the year Target launched and also the year “modernist design hit its peak,” they said, is comprised of 1,200 pieces ranging from $3 to $700 with a mid-century modern bent and a color palette that includes black and white, cobalt blue, blush, and neutrals.

Here’s the thing: it’s almost the holidays. You know you could put this stuff on your holiday list and get at least some of it. If you can wait that long.

Emmond Mid Century 72″ Dining Table White & Brown

The mid-century modern styling will grab your eye and the $399 price will make your wallet fling itself right into the hands of the checker. Seriously, if we could fit the floor model in the car, we would walk right out with it…after paying, of course.

Holmdel chair

We’re also digging the coordinating Holmdel chair, which is just simple enough to give it that mid-century ease and comes in two shades of gray and a warm blue. The chair is priced at $99 each.

5-Piece silverware set rose gold

Hello, fancy! This takes your dinner game up a notch – or 100. Even if you’re just eating something you blasted in the microwave, rose gold silverware is bound to make it taste like a gourmet meal.

Soriano square arm channel tufted chair

You just want to sink into the Soriano chair…with a martini, right? Gorgeous lines, sumptuous materials, rich color – it would be a winner at three times the $249 price. The chair also comes in blush and gray.

Glasgow console table

We love the simple lines of this console table, which is not only stylish and functional with a second shelf, but super affordable at just $69.

Modern radial glass globe ceiling light

You could drop thousands of dollars on a standout lighting fixture, or you could come to Target and spend $149 on this amazing brushed nickel creation. We also love the Madrot Multi-Globe Glass Ceiling Light, which features a brass finish, and the Geneva Glass Globe Pendant, which would look great hung three across over a kitchen island.

Round decorative wall mirror brass

Metallic finishes are featured throughout the Project 62 collection – in the lighting above, in furniture legs and frames, in drum tables, and in chic décor items, like this $49 mirror.

Marble and Wood Cheese Cutting Board

One simple metallic band separating the marble and wood on this cutting board takes the style quotient up a notch. At $16, it would make a great hostess gift.

Verken mid-century modern settee bench

The lines of this settee bench are amazing, and the prize is right at $149.

Cocktail shaker – rose gold

Yeah, you’ll tell yourself you’re going to buy this rose goal and acacia wood cocktail shaker it for a friend, but you know it’s never leaving your house. Better buy a few (at just $12, you can!).