Is It Important to Buy Concrete Block Homes in Florida?

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There has been a long debate about whether you need to buy a concrete block and steel (CBS) home in Florida vs. a wood frame home. Wood-frame construction, until recently, seemed to be a good option. The decision between CBS and wood-frame homes has been made by countless home buyers for decades now, but which one is better?

What’s The Required Wind Speed  Resistance?

Both methods of building homes are safe and legal and must comply with the Miami-Dade Real Estate hurricane codes set after Hurricane Andrew devastated the Homestead area. The code breaks up the County into 3 risk zones and dedicates a wind speed that the homes must be able to withstand, no matter what construction method is chosen.

This code was updated in 2010 to show higher wind speed resistance requirements due to increasing storm strengths.

  • Risk assessment zone 1 – Miami Real Estate code 165 mph winds
  • Risk assessment zone 2 – Miami Real Estate code 175 mph winds
  • Risk assessment zone 3 – Miami Real Estate code 185 mph winds

Are CBS Homes Worth the Extra Money?

It’s true that CBS homes may cost a bit more than wood frame homes, but the data may open your eyes as to why this is true. Even though wood frame homes comply with the Miami-Dade wind speed requirements, there are other things to consider.

A wood frame home, in addition to being less expensive in many cases, also provides the opportunity for better insulation because of the spaces between the wood studs.  A benefit to this additional insulation is that the frame home is more energy efficient.

It is also easier to remodel because it’s quicker and less complicated to install a new door or window in a frame home than a concrete block home.

Wood frame homes are just that; homes made from wood can attract pests like termites and is also less moisture resistant than a CBS home. While CBS homes are still at risk for termites, it’s significantly less and, after-all, termites don’t eat concrete and steel.

The most important reason why a CBS home is more expensive is the actual materials and the labor that goes into building a CBS home. It’s true that real estate is local, and prices vary depending on where you live, percentage-wise, it’s more expensive building CBS homes.

On average, a CBS home will cost 2%-5% more to build and buy than a wood frame home.